Kathy Snow has built her program into a highly recognizable theater program, that has exploded in the Wilmington area. She moved here in 2009, working a summer production with children, and now is producing 5 Musicals annually with anywhere from 50-120 students and adults to sold out crowds.

     The program is based on Christian principals, and sets high priorities to all involved, with an environment of love and acceptance to all participants, while producing programs that are top rated with the best staging, acting, music, sets, costumes, lighting, and sound. 

     Being this is a private owned company, there are fees that apply to participate in her productions. The fees are utilized to help pay for the rights to the production, the rental of the venue of performance, and the director's fee. 

     Kathy also directs an audition based gospel choir called "Snow's Gospel Singers" for ages 10-18. This choir recently was selected to be in a movie, and performs in the surrounding area, as well as travels on a large performance trip each year. There is a monthly fee to participate and each student contracts by semester to be involved. The professionalism of the sound of this choir is incredible. 

     Lastly, Kathy also teaches private lessons in piano, voice, and acting, building excellence in her show areas due to the fact that many of her students also participate in her shows and choir. 

Many parents and participants continue to support Snow's Production because they are overwhelmed with the outcome of all that Snow Productions allows. This is a top notch program and is going to only grow
larger each year.